Silk pongee scarf in mauve with poems written in gold

Measures 55×55

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Discover elegance and softness in a single accessory: our mauve natural silk flower scarf. An exquisite touch to your outfit, this unique piece fuses art and fashion with its silky texture and exceptional floral design.

The poetic silk flower is a 55×55 silk scarf with several poems by the same author written on it. You can choose one of the three poets for whom we have the copyright: Miquel Martí i Pol, Vicenç Llorca or Valerià Pujol. If you want to know more about the silk flower and the poets click here. You can also read the poems of each author that I write to the flower.

Very appropriate for any occasion and especially for Sant Jordi’s Day, Mother’s Day, but also for institutional gifts, literary prizes…

You give a flower, some poems and a scarf. It can also be framed.

Written in gilt.

If you would like us to write a phrase, a personal message, the names of your family or your poem, you can find out more at personalised natural silk flower poetic.

You can choose from 6 colours: black, red, burgundy, mauve, lilac and grey.


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