Mila Kuzmenko is a creative soul who is passionate about experimenting and playing with new ones creating true signature jewels. The collaboration with art in Silk was born a few years ago when the silk buds of my small production inspire him to create a new collection of jewels: earrings, rings, bracelets and needles with silk buds of different colors. A pleasure to share an adventure that allows us to move forward and grow our creative offer

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Oxydum is the two-craft Project, Mireia Oliva and Ari Diaz de Brito. Together they undertake their creative activity working the iron in an innovative way, mixing craftsmanship and design and creating useful and unique objects. In 2009, I commissioned them To create a pieces in the form of the symbols of the ABC of the Iberians, with the intention of transforming them into keyrings with ribbons that painted silk. The aim is to present them to a contest that the population of Lloret (Girona) organizes for artisans to create objects that are inspired by the cultural heritage of the town. They Are selected among other objects, some of which can be found in the Lloret Sea Museum.

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Lume , handmade glass jewellery, is a company that performs very exclusive glass objects.

In 2015 we began to collaborate with some pieces of Murano glass that combined very specially with mousseline silk scarves. A different way to wear a scarf, a very special way to exhibit a very exclusive glass pendant.


We offer several interesting proposals for all budgets and occasions.

Sale in the Showroom and the Celler Sant Antoni.

Sant Antoni Winery:
In the
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The Secret Garden is the artisan workshop where the Perfumer Esperança Casas creates, investigates and sells fragrances and natural essences. From the exhibition Art Perfume made in Barcelona, a bond of collaboration with ART in Silk begins. Hope creates a perfume agreement for a shawa of natural silk.

The choice of this work is not casual. It Is she who called me to be sculpted rather than reverse. And she speaks of why. I was born with body, neither rigid nor weak, soft in tact, neither transparent nor opaque, to the point just for the gaze of others. They have given Me form and content, traveling to the modernist era without sacrificing the roots of our times. I Receive with honour, the perfume agreement that gives me a new destination, with the certainty that being in good hands is an infinite pleasure. Sedosely, thank you.

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From the collaboration with the Weaver Trini Torres, the silk espadrilles are born and with broken colors, a model that combines with many other accessories from my Art Nouveau collection.

La Trini has a workshop and Showroom in La Garrotxa where you prepare and sell your creations. He Recently opened a shop in Figueres, another point of contact and exhibition where the Veronikes espadrilles look splendid in a privileged environment.

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