Yellow coloured holder to hold the mask in place



Yellow natural silk holder.

Holder of three silk cords, dyed yellow in a handmade way, which have a very practical use to hold the mask.

These holders are the result of your suggestions and the need to wear a mask all day long. Here we make it practical and beautiful and we propose you this original accessory to hold your mask when you take it off for a moment or for a while.

No more holding it in your hand, leaving it on the table or not knowing what to do.

I have dyed the silk holders in different colours and the ends are a decorative detail that decorates and does not weigh down. At the end there is a loop to hold the mask straps.

This one is single-colour with beige tones. Very discreet, for people who want to be different but discreet.

If this yellow natural silk holder is the one you like the most I want you to know that the shipping is free and that if you buy now and you want a silk mask you can buy the mask+ribbon pack with 3 euros discount while the promotion lasts.

And if you want a gift holder you can get it with the pack of three masks and shipping is also free of charge.

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