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Discover the magic of silk through our exciting silk mandala workshop. This is a unique opportunity to delve into the ancient art of silk and create unique pieces that reflect your own creativity and personality.

In this workshop, you will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of silk, learning the history and traditional techniques of this precious natural fibre. Silk is known for its softness and brilliance, and is the ideal support for the creation of mandalas, with its intense colours and intricate patterns. You will learn how to paint and decorate mandalas on silk with specialised techniques, including silk watercolour painting and the use of jumping and resist to create unique effects.

Our workshop is suitable for everyone, whether you are an experienced artist or exploring this form of artistic expression for the first time. Therefore, an expert will accompany you step by step, providing personalised guidance to help you develop your own skills and style. In addition, working with silk is relaxing and meditative, allowing you to connect with your own creativity in a deep and meaningful way.

Come join us in this unique experience and take home your own silk mandala as an unforgettable souvenir. It is the perfect time to explore the beauty of silk and the creativity that lies within you. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the art of silk in a welcoming and inspiring environment. So sign up now and let your imagination run wild in a world of colour and texture that only silk can offer.

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