Red muslin silk scarf with flowers set against the background.

Size 180×55.

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Red natural silk scarf with large flowers in burgundy and red tones.

Muslin silk or chiffon is a sweet, vaporous and transparent silk, a caress that envelops the body and soul. Refreshing in summer nights and warm in the coldest times.

Red is a vivid colour, very powerful, it is the colour of desire. It denotes vitality, boldness and seduction. Suitable for a self-confident woman or any woman who does not want to go unnoticed.

Red never fails. You won’t regret it. It is also an exclusive piece.

This silk shawl is light, soft and transparent. A body caress that will make you feel attractive and beautiful. And red is passion, the colour of energy that gives us the strength to move forward, with determination.

I have drawn some large flowers in a range of reds. Subtle and elegant at the same time.

Very generously sized, ideal as a complement to a party or cocktail dress.

On these occasions it can look very appropriate with the matching fan.

Ideal to wear with a basic suit and some other red touches like a pair of earrings or some nice red shoes.

You may be wondering how difficult it is to care for a silk scarf. Well, no.

It is a fashion accessory that will be part of your wardrobe and I can assure you that you will make the most of it. They don’t get very dirty but if you want to wash them you can do it with neutral soap and cold water. Still wet, a good iron upside down and you’re done!

Another advantage is that silk is completely timeless and this makes it suitable for both summer and winter. Cool in hot weather, warm in cold.

And when you put it on, I’m telling you, you won’t leave anyone indifferent.

The flowers associated with red inspire love and happiness. Giving this natural silk scarf as a gift can be a symbolic gesture on important dates in a relationship and, in Catalonia, for example, St. Jordi’s Day can be an appropriate day.

Artists of all ages have expressed themselves through flowers. In All you have to do is stroll around Barcelona and admire the modernist architecture, enjoying the countless floral motifs so common in Gaudi’s work, which cover the façades, mosaics, paintings and stained-glass windows. We are surrounded by flowers in art, in fabrics, in decoration, because flowers are the joy of nature.

In addition, this red natural silk scarf with large burgundy and red flowers can be combined with the PASSION FAN

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