Necklace of leather strips with painted silk and wool.

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Discover the unique beauty of our natural silk necklace colours, a masterpiece of intense colours and enchanting textures. The necklaces are made from premium leather straps, hand-painted silks and wools for a warm and cosy feel.

Each necklace is an expression of creativity and craftsmanship, with a perfect combination of shades that will brighten your look and add a touch of class to your style. The variety of colours available allows you to choose the necklace that best suits your style and personality, from soft and elegant shades to bolder and more vibrant combinations.

Quality leather ensures exceptional durability and a soft feel that will make you fall in love with your necklace. Hand-painted silks add an artistic and unique touch, creating an attention-grabbing play of colour that elegantly sets you apart. The wool provides a unique texture, giving the necklace a warmth that will make you feel comfortable and fashionable whatever the occasion.

It weighs nothing and is a very timeless accessory.

Designed for a daring woman, lover of colourful accessories or boho style.

Can be worn as a necklace, as a belt or even on the head.

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