Silk muslin scarf painted in all colours.

Size 150×45



Natural coloured silk flower. Discover the elegance and sophistication of a natural silk scarf in a colour palette that will take your breath away. This garment will not only embrace you with the softness of silk, but will also allow you to express your personality in a variety of exquisite shades.

Our natural silk scarf is more than just a piece of clothing. It is a work of art that combines the exquisiteness of silk with an explosion of colours that captivate the eye. Each shade has been carefully selected to reflect its beauty and richness. Whether you prefer soft and delicate tones or more vivid and intense colours, you will find an option that invites you to play with fashion.

Colourfully painted silk scarf. Size 150×45. It is a vaporous and soft silk, a caress for the body.

This colourful natural silk flower is an abstract pattern of colourful spots that can be combined with any casual outfit.

It is the most multifunctional scarf I have and I have it in many different colours.

It can also be worn in summer as a sarong, as a belt, on the head, between the hair in a braid or around the neck in the middle of winter.

This colourfully painted silk scarf is wrapped like a flower.


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