Silk muslin scarf painted with lilac spots and the contrasting white of the scarf

Size 150×45



A lilac natural silk flower, a unique and timeless gift to express deep feelings. In addition, the beauty and elegance of nature are combined in this handcrafted creation that captures the delicacy and splendour of real flowers.

Being a symbol of pure devotion and unconditional love, the lilac natural silk flower can be transformed into a scarf. It is the perfect gift for that special person to whom you want to express your deepest and most sincere feelings. Whether it is for a romantic occasion such as Valentine’s Day, a birthday or simply to show appreciation and gratitude, this flower will be an everlasting witness to your love and affection.

Lilac silk muslin scarf. Natural silk is known for its incomparable quality. In addition, this scarf is made with the best silk fibres, which are extracted in a responsible and sustainable way, respecting nature. Its texture is delicate and silky, and its durability will allow you to enjoy this piece for many years to come.

It measures 150×45 and is a vaporous and soft silk, a caress for the body and very combinable with a casual outfit.

Painted with a brush using coloured stains, with a multitude of colours available, but if you do not find the colour you are looking for, I can paint it for you.

This lilac-coloured silk muslin scarf can be worn in summer as a sarong, as a belt, on the head, between the hair in a plait or around the neck in the middle of winter.




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