Keyring made of iron and mounted with silk. Iberian symbol. It Corresponds to the GU/KU sound of our alphabet.

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Iberian silk and iron keyring gu/ku.

In Catalonia we have preserved the ruins of many Iberian settlements and thanks to the studies that have been carried out we know about customs and habits, agricultural tools, materials used, food, traditional festivals, in short, the culture of the time.

Iberian was the language spoken for many centuries in our territory by our ancestors.

From the beginning of the Iberian culture we have writing: the oldest written text in the Iberian language dates from the 6th century BC and comes from Ullastret (Empordà).

The most modern texts are from the 1st century AD: some graffiti from Guissona and a Requena funerary star from the 1st century AD

Although there are more than two thousand texts in Iberian script on all kinds of supports, and the phonetic equivalences with the Latin alphabet are more or less known, the language represented with the Iberian script has not been fully deciphered.

The symbols of this alphabet are therefore phonetic. This symbol would correspond to the sound GU/KU of our alphabet.

The iron has been cut by hand, moulded with rainwater and varnished. The silk cord has been hand dyed. The contrast of a cold, rustic material such as iron with the soft, fine silk gives it character and personality. The iberian silk and iron keyring gu/ku is a unique piece.

You can choose the color of the silk.

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