Buff in blue fleece and silk painted in shades of blue.

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Discover the elegance and softness of our blue natural silk buff, now available in a palette of captivating blues. Experience the luxury of an exquisite fabric that gently caresses the skin, creating an unparalleled feeling of comfort.

What’s more, with its light and fluid texture, this natural silk buff is perfect for all seasons. The varied blues we offer allow you to choose the shades that best suit your style and personality.

Whether for a special occasion or for everyday wear, this natural silk buff makes a tasteful statement. Shades of blue, from subtle to vibrant, complete your outfit with a touch of sophistication.

In addition to its elegance, natural silk offers benefits for the skin, keeping it moisturised and free from irritation. Also, its breathability makes it an ideal choice to keep you cool during hot days and warm during winters.

Here we present it in an innovative way by mixing fleece and hand-painted silk, finding the right balance between warmth and an original colourful accessory.

It allows us to wear it in different ways, some more for sport, others more for dress. Designed for young and not so young people.

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