range of silk and pear wood with coloured brushstrokes

42×23 Sizes

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This range of silk is inspired By the Indonesian ikat. The initial design evolves and avoids the border by letting go in the form of coloured brushstrokes that freely invade the whole space. A Diversity of colours moves to see the white of the fabric.

It can be combined with the scarf bearing its name, a cheerful and vital set.

The fan is a complement that gets more And more time. It Has ceased to be exclusive to mature women and there are more and more young girls and men who use it as an accessory.

It Is a practical object to get in times of heat but it is also a decorative object and collector.

It has become a typical gift for the foreign public given our cultural traditionthat comes FROM Asia in the eighteenth century.

This Silk range has wooden rods of pear, highly appreciated for its quality.

It is a wood that is sturdy and lightweight, not weighing and opening and closes very well.

A range of these features is laborious to perform. First the silk is painted by hand, the color is fixed at high temperature, washed, must be emulated to leafletcould and mount the rods. And everything is done by hand.

This range can be confused with the “F.BRUSH STROKES OF COLORS“.

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