Range of silk and pear wood inspired by Art Nouveau snails

Measures 42×23

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This natural silk snails fan is an inspiration of the modernist snails of Gaudí’s work.

He May remember the snails he painted KLIMT and is that, his work, often influiex my work.

This fan has five colours that, from light to dark, harmonize the whole.

The black and the Bordeaux mark their elegant and serene tea.

Combined with the shawper of its ensemble, it combines dramatically.

Very appropriate for a special occasion to not leave anyone indifferent.

The fan is a complement that gets more And more time. It Has ceased to be exclusive to mature women and there are more and more young girls and men who use it as an accessory.

It Is a practical object to get in times of heat but it is also a decorative object and collector.

It has become a typical gift for the foreign public given our cultural tradition that comes FROM Asia in the eighteenth century.

This Silk range has wooden rods of pear, highly appreciated for its quality.

It is a wood that is sturdy and lightweight, not weighing and opening and closes very well.

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