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This is the gateway to the work that I want to share with you all..

It is the result of years of passion for my art, creative work and experimentation with painting on silk. When, in 1986, I was training at the school of Arts and Crafts of the Lonja de Barcelona in textile stamping, I didn’t imagine any horizon. The choice perhaps wasn't so casual now that after all these years I look back and realise that my father worked in the textile market and my mother was an artisan. 

At the time, this fact affects me but I make way towards another profession that accompanies my life for more than a decade however,the art of painting on silk seduced me in 1998 and the formation by different artists workshops made me discover this vocation.

Soon I opened my ownshop and showroom for my art in silk which, since 2003, has been located in El Masnou (Barcelona). I think that craftsmanship is made with hands, is trade, is culture and tradition, is passion, is creativity and sensitivity, is design consistency, a way of living, an attitude... And when I am let loose on a blank silk, I feel that the brush is expressing, by the way of creativity, and gives meaning to my way of understanding life. Ever since this feeling, I have established a dialogue with this living fibre that providesthe emotions with shape and colour, and opens me up to all its possibilities and makes me loyal in its complicity.

My path is between art and fashion, pieces to walk around everyday or to shine on any occasion. I have also made several solo and collective exhibitions. I'm basically acolourist and I have a special predilection to create pieces inspiredbya mix of thefloral world of nature on one hand, and the ModernistCatalan art on the other. I love to work usingtherich cultural and artistic Catalan heritage we have, and with my own personal style, to promote the culture of our country. My products can be found in major museums all around our country. Each piece is exclusive and made caring for details and quality from the beginning to the end.

anna albert
artisan No 14.139

"In a world of delocalized production, Anna Albert retrieves two essential values in its creative proposal. On one hand, it asserts the dignity and pride of the artisan task, understanding it as a work that provides unique and unrepeatable pieces. By the other side,she shows a lyrical sense wich provides poetic quality to each part. Hence, the silk will become an essential material, since its delicate texture and its ductility provide the elements needed to make a unique work with its own personality."

Vicenç Llorca
Writer and poet

Anna has made a lifestyle of her profession. The brush contact with the silk is her particular meditation. She works doing what she loves with passion, consistency and safety. It's normal, but it is not, it is not very common. I don't know many people who dare to work simply doing what they really like. I admire her a lot. The result is extraordinary, in the true sense of the word, beyond the ordinary. Some very special work, with a very personal touch, that over the years I've come to recognize from a distance. I acknowledge them but when I think about it, I see the evolution of her style, changes, new textures, experimenting with new themes, new possibilities: handkerchiefs, fans, bags, earrings, necklaces, flowers, poems. A very long list. The question (she says), is to keep experimenting. And we are sure that we will soon return to surprise. Anna is in love with modernism. Perhaps for this reason, and for the quality of her work, she has found a niche within the shops of many of the most visited museums. You will find them in areas as diverse as the Art Museum of Catalonia, the store of the Casa Batlló, the Palau de la Música, to name only a few. A space with own recognition in this sector has become. I have purchased handkerchiefs and other creationsfrom Anna over a number of years, more than 20 years. They are a gift of time, dedication and sensitivity. Whenever I have them I get the most enjoyment from it and I spreadthe word everywhere.

Maria Herrero

Thinking on Anna Alberts’work is to think with colours, joy and harmony. All her creations, whether vain , scarves, bags, necklaces, are loaded with life. The great eye for detail when preparing a piece, and the great technical knowledge, become an excellent product that is within the reach of the most demanding customers and with the sensitivity needed to appreciate a piece hand painted with so much finesse and sense of colour and shapes.

Marian Reyes
Master Craftswoman and President of Guild ofTextileCraftsman of Catalonia

Luckily for me, I have had the opportunity to follow closely the career of Anna, almost from the beginning, and I have seen her passion for creating is the transverse axis of her life..

I have lived in El Masnou for more than 15 years and her workshop, also in this area, has been a meeting point for observing her evolution as a craftswoman and artist, and also as a person.

I have worn scarves, bags, t-shirts and I have also bought them for others, andI could tell that all her creations are made by hand and, once placed, are transformed, for its beauty and its colours, into works of art that emanate the passion of the author..

Anna is multifaceted and, as such, evokes her art in several facets of fashion and art: fans, bags, boxes, handkerchiefs of all kinds, jewelry, earrings, roses with poetry... where the taste for beauty is her essence and makes each work unique and unrepeatable. At the same time, she has the great sensitivity of incorporating, in some products, features of the Catalan artistic heritage, which merges, once again, into handicraft and art in her pieces.

I hope, for many years, to continue to enjoy her silk and her art.

Mariona Rifà
Philologist and teacher of Catalan